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Huion Digital Pen is Not Working

When your Huion Digital Pen is not working, you can check the solutions listed below respectively to see if it can fix your pen. For pen not working issue, first please confirm that the driver shows connected. Solutions for Battery Pen. Solutions for

Hovering Issue with Huion Digital Pen

In this article, we will introduce the 4 most commonly seen pen hovering situations and corresponding solutions. The most commonly seen pen hovering situations are listed below:. If you encounter any of the above mentioned issue, please check out the

How to Setup GIMP Pen Pressure on MacOS

This article will guide you through the steps in setting up pen pressure in your GIMP software on your Mac computer:

How to Setup Pen Pressure on Adobe Illustrator

Now that you've set your tablet up and installed the driver, you can open your Adobe Illustrator to start your creations. To set your brushes to have pen pressure, here are the steps:. Now, you can use your Huion tablet to draw with pen pressure in I

How to Fix No Pen Pressure Issue in Adobe Illustrator (MacOS)?

If, however, you've set your brush with pen pressure but it still doesn't work, please proceed to the steps below:

How to Set Pen Pressure in Adobe Photoshop

After installing the tablet driver and connecting your tablet to your computer, you're now ready to use Adobe Photoshop. Here's how to set the pen pressure in Photoshop:

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