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Hovering Issue with Huion Digital PenUpdated 2 years ago

In this article, we will introduce the 4 most commonly seen pen hovering situations and corresponding solutions. 

The most commonly seen pen hovering situations are listed below:

  1. Hover clicking: the pen is clicking while hovering over the surface of the device;
  2. Hover drawing: even when the pen is not making physical contact with the tablet, the pen will still draw very faint lines;
  3. Hover dragging: you can drag files when hovering the pen over the surface of the device;
  4. Hover dragging the dotted box on the desktop and etc.


If you encounter any of the above mentioned issue, please check out the solutions below: 

  1. Please change the pen nib with a new one and make sure to insert it firmly. (Note: Clouds of dust on your pen nib will also result in the pen hover issue.)
  2. Please make sure there are no other electronic products like laptop or mobile phone nearby. If there are, please put them away and see if it helps. Because the pen hover issue may also be caused by electromagnetic interference.
  3. Uninstall the driver, and try the tablet (without a driver installed) to see if the problem still persists. This can help to determine if this problem is caused by the driver.

If you have Wacom (or similar) software on your laptop/pc, I recommend uninstalling it as this kind of software often conflicts with our Huion Drivers.

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