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How to Fix No Pen Pressure Issue in Adobe Illustrator (MacOS)?Updated a year ago

If, however, you've set your brush with pen pressure but it still doesn't work, please proceed to the steps below:

  • Step 1. Open “System Preferences”.
  • Step 2. Find Security & Privacy –> Privacy –> Automation.
  • Step 3. Press the “Command” and “Space” bar on your keyboard and type “Terminal” to open the Terminal window.
  • Step 4. Input this command in the Terminal window: “tccutil reset All com.adobe.illustrator” and run (hit Enter on your keyboard). (It will show you have successfully reset the program)
  • Step 5. Restart Adobe Illustrator and on the pop-up window, press “OK”. Restart Adobe Illustrator again.
  • Step 5. Create a new calligraphic brush that supports pen pressure.
  • Step 6. The setup is successful.
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