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How to set 'Duplicate Mode' or 'Extend Mode' on Windows while using a Huion Pen Display?Updated a year ago

Connect your Pen Display to the computer and refer to the following display modes to set an additional monitor on Windows.


Duplicate mode. What is shown on your computer will be duplicated to the pen display; called Mirror display on MacOS.

Extend mode. Your desktop will be extended and displayed in two separate monitors, with each one showing different parts of the interface.


To set Windows as Duplicate display

Step 1. Click the Start menu at the bottom-left corner of your desktop and launch the Control Panel by clicking Settings > System > Display.


Step 2. Find Multiple displays down the page, select Duplicate these displays, and then apply.

To set Windows as Extended display.

Step 1. Similar to the settings of the Duplicate mode, launch the Control Pane by clicking Settings > System > Display.

Step 2. You may select the checkbox of Make this my main display to set your pen display as the main display.

Step 3. Find Multiple displays down the page, select Extend these displays and then apply.


Step 4. You can also rearrange the displays to your desired position.

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