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How to Turn The Wireless Mode On for A Pen Tablet That Supports Wireless Connection?Updated a year ago

Huion’s wireless tablets can connect to your computer wirelessly via 2.4GHz wireless technology, with a wireless range of up to 10 meters.

How to turn the wireless mode on:

  1. Install the driver to your laptop/computer as prompted. 
  2. Plug the Wireless Receiver into the USB port of the computer and unplug the USB-C cable from the computer at the same time.
  3. Press the power button and the tablet will start working. Make sure the tablet is fully charged before you start using it.

The following are the Huion models with wireless connection: WH1409(2048), WH1409(8192), WH1409V2, DWH69, Q11K, Q11K V2, Q620M.

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